Salesforce, San Francisco, CA 


Technology Program Management Director


Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA 


Management and individual contributor roles in Technology Program Management, Platform Product Management and Infrastructure Engineering


Vicinity Corporation, Palo Alto, CA and Visioneer, Inc., Fremont, CA


Senior Configuration Management Engineer


Apple, Cupertino, CA


Software Configuration Management – Engineer and Manager



Salesforce Product Accessibility

Oversee Product Accessibility Trust, including increase product accessibility through automated and manual testing, and manage accessibility audits program to generate Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs)/VPATs. Partner with product teams to prioritize and address over 90% of accessibility tech debt at release, and to ship new features that meet accessibility quality metrics.

Salesforce Technology Program Management

Coach, glue and grease on challenging initiatives for the Platform and Technology engineering organizations. Initiate, lead and support numerous program teams including: 

Core Automated Patching Service (cAPS): deliver OS patching automation to ensure adherence to 95% of patching SLA. Run the daily cross-team standups to make progress on workstream deliverables, deep dives, and the weekly patching reviews with the president and his staff; and collaborate with Security to implement collection of SLA metrics

Technology Compliance: following on receipt of a qualified SOC audit report, launched the Technology Compliance Program to investigate what happened, remediate the issues, and build compliance automation into our production systems delivery DNA that have ensured Technology organization pass all subsequent external compliance audits.

Autobuilds Get Well Program: organize assessment and implementation of engineering and process improvements to improve Technology & Product organization’s build and test automation system, to ensure that the system met and exceeded the artifact availability SLAs.  

Other programs included: annual infrastructure budget process to approve $175M of requests from teams, appropriately manage compliant use of third party software by Technology and Product teams, lead organizational strategy planning and delivery, investigate infrastructure options to bring Salesforce Einstein infrastructure to 1st party data centers, and reinventing the datacenter using virtualization to onboard two acquisitions.

Salesforce Ohana Groups

Abilityforce: co-founded Salesforce’s employee resource group for people with disabilities and our allies, and served as Global President for its first 3 years, then 1 year each as Global Accessibility and Global Philanthropy Chair. Grew the global leadership team to 8 members, oversaw growth to 2700 members and 18 chapters worldwide, contributing to over 13K volunteer hours in FY2019. Spearheaded multiple initiatives including accessibility long range plan, accessibility scorecards, executive engagement for creating a corporate accessibility program, company assessment via the Disability Equality Index, participation in self-ID campaign to increase visibility of employees with disabilities, and launch of recruiting and retention programs targeting specific disabilities such as hiring exceptional talent with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Outforce: served for 3 years on the leadership of Salesforce’s employee resource group for LGBTQ communities, including the last two as global treasurer. Oversaw $750K global budget, and set up procedures for requesting funds and tracking spends. 

Oracle Applications Technical Program Management

Champion implementation of infrastructure, tools, and processes for Oracle Fusion Applications Development. Lead cross-functional teams to support the timely delivery of Oracle software components, including requirements analysis, design, coding, and end-user and systems infrastructure support. Chair working groups chartered with standards development and delivery for C-code, seed data, and logical grouping data. Present program updates to executive management. Lead pilots for new build systems. Received quarterly divisional recognition award.

Oracle Applications Platform Product Management

Provide leadership for Oracle Applications operating systems (OS) platform directions. Develop and manage project schedules for Applications delivery on all non-base platforms. Quickly and efficiently deliver optimal, in-demand, and quality Applications solutions to enterprise applications customers through collaboration with OS and hardware partners, and technology and product teams. Conduct market research, create proposals for platform recommendations, coordinate priorities with engineering teams, and supply OS, compiler and third party recommendations. Optimize products usage and facilitate implementations on all supported OS platforms. Improve customer experience through technical documentation updates, responses to certification requests, written communications, presentations, and moderation of online forums. Delivered Release 12 on non-base platforms two months ahead of original schedule.

Oracle Applications Management toolset for Oracle On Demand 

Product management for patching and environment management toolset produced by Applications Development Services and used by Oracle On Demand. Lead and collaborate with cross-divisional teams to optimize tools usage and facilitate implementations. Define and communicate product strategies, perform technical analysis of requirements, market products, coordinate cross-divisional teams and communications, and service customers. Increased user satisfaction through a 75% reduction of Applications patching time.

Unified Perl Distribution

Multi-year project to move teams to standardized and centrally built Perl distributions, for tools uptake and shipping products. Collect requirements from product and tools organizations, obtain legal and security approvals, negotiate centralized build services, evangelize uptake, and coordinate implementation in development and outsourcing organizations.


Oracle Patch Tracking System (PTS)

Direct the PTS global development teams through multiple product iterations. Oversee all development, quality assurance and release management functions for this n-tier toolset to manage patching Oracle Applications. Ensure toolset integration with other Oracle products and tools. Establish PTS instances in Development and On Demand organizations. Increased Applications Development productivity to allow over six thousand patches per week applied to hundreds of environments.

Applications Release and Build System (ARBuS)

Manage project to design a unified Oracle Applications development and release build system, combining dozens of build systems into one, and used by all Applications Development products. Provide technical leadership during initial implementation, maintenance, and through to software obsolescence. Implement system in Perl with some shell commands and callouts to various Oracle tools; design for cross-platform usage and scalability. Reduced build and release cycle from 6 months to 2 weeks.

Software Configuration Management

Lead configuration management support for multi-sited engineering and operations teams. Design, implement and install source, build and release management systems on many platforms, including open source and proprietary solutions. Train staff in SCM principles and practices, found Change Control Boards, and establish more efficient procedures for delivery of software to manufacturing and distribution.



Fluency in French and American Sign Language; knowledge of Spanish.


Stanford Advanced Project Management Credential

Stanford, California

Bachelor of Arts, Computer Information Sciences, with honors.

University of California, Santa Cruz